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A few years ago, while we explored the beauties of this country


...we were blessed by its magic and found a unique source of artesian water


that comes from the bottom of the earth in a land surrounded by waterfalls and volcanoes... 

And now we like to say that we are bottling life with the spirit.


Choosing Costa Rica as AquaNissi's operating house has been the best decision we have made as a team, not only because of its virgin and preserved nature, but also because of the human quality that this great little country offers us.

Jose Luis Tocci
CEO - Co-founder

Analisis quimico.png

Clean label

The food and consumer product industry is on the verge of a fundamental paradigm shift when it comes to safety. The new arbiters of safety and quality are consumers. That is why our process and labeling are as transparent and clear as our water.

Take a look at our latest water test

2021 Test
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