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We are committed to our community


At Nissi, our mission is to drive a business model that transcends the boundaries of mere production and marketing. We are deeply committed to our community and the natural environment that surrounds us.


Our vision at Nissi is to be recognized as leaders in the industry, not only for the quality of our products and services but for our unwavering commitment to the community and the environment. We aspire to be a benchmark in promoting sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

"Choosing Costa Rica as AquaNissi's operating theater has been the best decision we've made as a team, not only because of its pristine and preserved nature but also for the human quality that this small, great country offers us."

Jose Luis Tocci
CEO / Co-founder

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Commitment and Contribution

Our mission is clear: to contribute to the well-being of our country and our community. We seek to generate sustainable, long-term benefits, promoting economic growth and social development in Costa Rica. Through our responsible business practices and dedication to the community, we aspire to be an example of how a company can be a positive force for change in the world around us.

At Nissi, we not only strive for business success but also aim to be an active agent in building a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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Clean Label

The food and consumer products industry is on the verge of a fundamental paradigm shift in terms of safety. The new arbiters of safety and quality are the consumers; that's why our processes and labeling are as transparent and clear as our water.



We adhere to certifications that enhance our performance as a company, aiming to provide the best quality of our product and instill confidence in all our consumers.

Nissi in the Media

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